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Specials at the Goose and Turrets


The Goose & Turrets B&B  has acquired two pieces of sculpture from the estate of the late area artist Howard Edminster,  Howard was known for working in concrete with found objects; see the intriguing “Woman” and “Bird” in the gardens of the inn.

 Inside, you will find a temporary exhibit of wildly colorful work by local musician and artist Randy Wilson.  By isolating the parts of various instruments and giving each a defining color, Randy has created on computer visual representations of what the sounds of music look like.  The works are truly fantastic in the literal sense of the word.

 Come to the Goose & Turrets and treat your inner artist.

**** Frequent Sleeper ****

The Goose & Turrets likes to reward return guests.
When you come back, you get a present.
After 10 nights, you get a free night.

Our Frequent Sleeper Program is pretty special

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