835 George St.

POB 370937

Montara, CA 94037-0937

Phone: 650-728-5451

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Specials at the Goose and Turrets


**** Farm, Fish, Flowers ****

Saturday July 29 is the big day to explore

farm, fish, and flower venues usually not open to the public on the Coastside

Stay 2 nights at the Goose & Turrets and 

we will refund the price of your ticket ($30.00)

if you book direct with us – 650-728-5451


**** Frequent Sleeper ****

The Goose & Turrets likes to reward return guests.
When you come back, you get a present.
After 10 nights, you get a free night.

Our Frequent Sleeper Program is pretty special

Call 650-728-5451 to make your first reservation