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Rooms and Rates

If you are searching for the perfect Montara, CA accommodation for bird watching, beach strolling, or hiking mountain or beach trails, there is no better choice than the Goose & Turrets B&B. A Coastal Accommodation, the Goose & Turrets B&B is located along the San Mateo Coast and is an easy drive from Pillar Point, home to numerous opportunities for sport fishing and offshore charters.

Should you be interested in pursuing other activities, the Goose & Turrets B&B is also an excellent location for shopping, dining, beach combing, marine mammal watching and California bird watching. Perfect for couples, where one spouse is interested in a Half Moon Bay CA fishing adventure and the other spouse may prefer more leisurely activities, the resort’s comfortable rooms, fragrant grounds, and proximity to the beach will satisfy those who choose to stay near the inn.

Our Guest Rooms

We think one advantage for our guests is serenity and getting away from their normal lives. That’s why our rooms have no telephones and no televisions. There is free wi-fi in all of the building and in the gardens. (There is a free telephone in the lobby for urgent calls; cell phone reception is not always reliable.) The Goose & Turrets building is more than 100 years old and is built of old-growth of redwood.  Therefore some room-to-room noise can be expected.

All rooms are for two people only, except the Hummingbird Room which can accommodate a third person in a rollaway bed.

Hummingbird Room

The large Hummingbird Room has a queen-size bed and a sitting area in front of the gas fireplace. It looks out on a hedge and fuschias that attract hummingbirds year round. Bath with tub and shower combination.  A rollaway bed can be added for a third person ($50.00 additional).

The antique furnishings have interesting histories themselves.

Clipper Room

The Clipper Room has a king-size bed, a chaise lounge, a view of the orchard, and is decorated in aviation motif (both owners are pilots). Separate private bath (across the hall) with tub and shower combination.

Mementoes of more than 100 years of flight can be seen on the walls.

Lascaux Room

The Lascaux Room is a small room with a canopied antique double bed, dressing alcove, non-polluting fireplace, and is decorated with pictures of the eponymous French grotto with art of very early man. Compact bath with shower only.

One may draw the bed curtains and enjoy a secret, silken nook. If you like art and history, the Hoche-Mongs can regale you with stories about their experiences in Lascaux.

Goose Room

The Goose Room has a king-size bed, is decorated in goose motif, and looks out to the garden. Gas fireplace. Bath with tub and shower combination.

Once, the inn had lovely live geese — but the raccoons took care of that; only their pictures remain in this room.

Demetra Room

The Demetra Room can be made up as a wide queen-size or two twin beds. Its garden door opens to a patio that overlooks the rose garden and fountain. Bath with shower only.

It is named for the Greek goddess Demetra; one of the few remaining memorials to her is in Kerch, Crimea, where the Hoche-Mongs have worked to restore economic viability to a vacated USSR naval station.

Each one of our two-person guest rooms offers a unique, themed experience. Catering to guest comfort, all rooms feature a down comforter, reading lights, a writing desk, and private bathroom with towel warmer. Afternoon Tea and a Four Course Breakfast are included in the room’s rate.

Aviation-minded guests staying at the Goose & Turrets B&B may choose our Clipper Room. While the room is aviation-themed, which largely appeals to aviation enthusiasts, the use of the cool, blue tones reflect some of the diverse hues found along the California Coast.

Nature enthusiasts will appreciate the Goose & Turrets B&B’s Hummingbird Room. Located in front of a garden area that attracts hummingbirds year-round, guests will be fascinated when watching these tiny birds in action.

Another popular room for nature enthusiasts is the Demetra Room. With a patio that overlooks the rose garden and fountain, this room’s location allows for year-round appreciation of the rose garden, watching birds as they come to bathe in the fountain, and listening to the calming sound of splashing water.

To learn something about very early art, be sure to reserve the Lascaux Room. This French-styled room features an antique canopy bed, silken bed curtains, a non-polluting fireplace and numerous mementoes of the famed prehistoric painted grotto of Lascaux, France.

Finally, keeping with the inn’s name, is the Goose Room. This room is colorful, vibrant and filled with goose-themed décor. The room offers a lovely garden view and has a gas fireplace, perfect for cozying up on cool nights with a good book.