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Indoor and Outdoor Vacation Activities

Whether spending your vacation time indoors or exploring the outdoors, there is always something to do at the Goose & Turrets Bed & Breakfast. We are located Montara, CA which is near Half Moon Bay.

For special events during this summer, go to: visithalfmoonbay.org

Indoor Activities

Are you interested in cozying up by the fire and reading a good book? If so, the Goose & Turrets B&B’s fireplace is a location you will want to visit. When it is foggy out, the fireplace is always going, allowing guests time to read a book, listen to a favorite CD or play the piano. During Afternoon Tea, served daily at 4:30, guests will be treated to a selection of teas, dessert items, cheeses and sandwiches. Selections vary each day, making our Afternoon Tea the perfect reason to stop buy and visit. While you are there, be sure to meet our other guests and some of our staff.

Outdoor Activities

Vacation in Half Moon Bay, CALocated just a half mile’s walk from the beach, there is always something to see and do along the California Coast. Ideal for Half Moon Bay Getaways and offering a more personalized experience than traditional, Montara CA Hotels, the Goose & Turrets B&B encourages guests to explore the area at their own pace. If you wish to stay close to the property, beach-combing, bird and sea mammal watching, enjoying our hammocks and Application swings, and exploring our gardens are just some of the numerous ideas guests how guest can spend whole or part of their day.

Vacation Activities in Montara, CA At morning’s dawn or at evening’s dusk, relax in our comfortable outdoor seating areas or explore our grounds, listening to the sounds of tranquil fountains and smelling the fragrant blooms of jasmine and rose. Best of all, there are no biting insects, noisy streets or stressful drives, making the Goose & Turrets B&B the perfect San Francisco Weekend Getaway location.

Just A Short Drive Away

If you are interested in venturing a little further away from the Goose & Turrets B&B, there is a host of activities, designed to keep visitors as active or as relaxed as they choose. One of the most relaxing activities involves driving along the San Mateo Coast. A popular activity, for those interested in Montara CA Getaways, the drive from Montara to Ano Nuevo allows road enthusiasts to experience the unspoiled, California Coast.

As guests drive south on Highway 1, they pass Devil’s Slide until they reach Montara. Continuing south is Moss Beach and the Fitzgerald Marine Reserve, where a ranger-led experience is the perfect culmination to all guests interested in a Montara CA Weekend Getaway.

pplightPrinceton is another popular location to explore, as the Mavericks is a must-see, photo spot.

Some other ideas for spending time along the 40 miles of San Mateo County shoreline include:

– Exploring San Mateo County’s Numerous Walking Trails,
– Golfing and Horseback Riding at Half Moon Bay,
– Learning about the Northern Elephant Seal at Ano Nuevo,
– Participating in Pillar Point Sport Fishing and Boating Charters,
– Photographing the Pigeon Point Lighthouse,
– Seal Watching (Harbor) at Pescadero Beach,
– Shopping and Dining at Pillar Point Harbor’s Village of Princeton

Whether you are searching for out-of-the-ordinary, San Francisco Hotels, Half Moon Bay Hotels, or Montara Hotels, nothing compares to the Goose & Turrets B&B. Try it for yourself the next time you are searching for the perfect Half Moon Bay Weekend Getaway or for one of many, memorable San Francisco Getaways and Vacation Destinations.