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About Us & Our Lodging

Raymond and Emily Hoche-Mong are the creators of the Goose & Turrets Bed & Breakfast lodging located near San Mateo, CA. They spent the winter of 2015 in a country cottage in France and have incorporated some new menus and customs into the Goose & Turrets’ routine.

Bed and Breakfast in San Mateo, CABoth are active pilots, conservationists, and community workers. They have traveled widely and, between them, have visited all six continents, especially the world’s city-states.  They have examined the art of early man in France and Saudi Arabia; studied creativity at King’s College, Cambridge; published a literary journal; and supported artists. The art collection at the Goose & Turrets reflects their wide ranging interests and friendships.

Raymond has finally retired (he says!) after developing economic plans for the Kerch region of Crimea, Ukraine; for Bari, Italy, and for Clovis, CA. His many years of aviation experience helped to get three major international airports certified in Saudi Arabia. He has just published his memoirs of his many and varied adventures.

Emily has long volunteered at several California State Parks:  Año Nuevo, Pescadero Marsh, and Pigeon Point Lighthouse and can help you plan visits. She also joins the “dirty knees brigade” at Palo Alto’s Gamble Garden once a week to help tend that historic estate.

Raymond and Emily both hail from locales rich in the tradition of boundless hospitality and tantalizing cuisines. Raymond is French and has lived in Egypt and rural England; Emily is from Tennessee via Key West and Beirut.